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Frequently Ask Questions


1.  Are you located in the Park?
We are not located in the Park.  We are 10 minutes west of Dubois, Wyoming off Hwy 26/287.  Our cabins are 50 miles to the south entrance where you pay to get into Grand Teton and Yellowstone Park.  The south entrance requires you to drive through Grand Teton Park to get to Yellowstone Park. Unlike coming from Jackson where the speed limit is 45mph and the traffic is very congested, the speed limit coming from Dubois is 65 and the traffic is a lot less congested.  As long as the weather is not bad, no wrecks or road construction, you can usually get to the paid entrance within 45-50 minutes.

2.  How far are you from restaurants and grocery stores?
We are 10 minutes from Dubois, Wyoming where there are restaurants and grocery stores.

3.  What is your physical address?
Our physical address is 183 Uphill Road Dubois, Wy 82513.

4.  Do you allow pets?
We allow pets in 4 of the 6 cabins.  Pets are allowed in the Large Family Cabin, Medium Family Cabin, Romanitic Hearts Deluxe Honeymoon Cabin, and the Honeymoon Suite cabin.

5.  Are your cabins smoke free?
All our cabins are smoke free.  You can smoke outside but no smoking in the cabins.

6.  Will I see wildlife by the cabins?
Some months you will see deer come right to the porch.  During the hot months, you can occasionally see deer early in the morning or late in the evening by the cabins. 

7.  How secluded are the cabins?
Our cabins are 2 miles off the main road, Hwy 26/287, and we border the Shoshoni National Forest.  You can hike right from the cabins into the National Forest and there are Forest Roads and Trails leading from our property into the National Forest.  Unlike many cabin rental places where the cabins almost touch each other or worst yet, share a porch, our five of the six cabins are 100 to 200 feet apart from each other with the 6th place being a quarter mile away.   Even though you can see the other cabins, we have trees around the cabins to help with privacy and you have enough distance between them that also gives you some privacy.  Our Plantation Home is a quarter mile away from the other 5 cabins and you cannot see the other 5 cabins from the Plantation Home.   Like most mountain roads in Wyoming, our 2 mile road is a maintained gravel road.  You can reach the cabins by a regular 2wd car from May 21 - September 30th unless we get an out of the season snow storm late May or late September.  October 1st - 31 and May 1-20 we recommend a 4wd vehicle because of the chance for snow.

8.  Do I need a 4wd vehicle to get to the cabins?
You can reach the cabins by a regular 2wd car from May 21 - September 30th unless we get a late season snow storm end of May or late September.  October 1-31 and May 1-20 we recommend a 4wd vehicle because of the chance for snow.

9.  Does breakfast come with the cabins?
Breakfast does not come with the cabins.  We no longer have a Bed and Breakfast.  

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